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Privacy policy

This Data Processing Information outlines the terms of data processing practices on the www.clouddesign.hu website. This website is owned by Beatrix Bozsik (hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider). The Service Provider acknowledges the content of this legal notice as binding upon itself. It undertakes to ensure that all data processing related to its activities complies with the requirements set forth in this policy and the applicable laws.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that in all areas of the services provided by the Service Provider, every individual (hereinafter: User), regardless of nationality or place of residence, is guaranteed to have their rights and fundamental freedoms, especially the right to privacy, respected during the processing of their personal data.

The Service Provider respects the rights of Users to privacy; confidentially handles recorded personal data in accordance with data protection laws and international recommendations, as specified in this data processing statement.

By using the Website, the User accepts the following and consents to the data processing specified below.



The address of my website: https://clouddesign.hu

Website name: Cloud Design

Address: Dobó István krt. 8., Kecskemét, 6000, Hungary 

Owner: Beatrix Bozsik

Email: info@clouddesign.hu



The Service Provider processes the data provided by the User for the purpose of facilitating communication between the seller and the buyer, as well as between the Service Provider and the User, and for the efficient, secure, and personalized provision of services by the Service Provider; it stores data for the purpose of concluding contracts and communicating services.


The data processing carried out by the Service Provider is based on the voluntary consent of Users in accordance with Section 5 (1) (a) of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter: Info Act), as well as on Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services. Users give their consent for each data processing by using the Website or by voluntarily providing the relevant data.


Cookies The User’s computer is identified by the system using a so-called cookie. To view all content on the Service Provider’s website, Users need to enable cookies. Accordingly, when certain parts of the Website are accessed, cookies are placed on the User’s computer, which are necessary for the proper functioning of certain functions of the Website. Cookies are small text files stored by the computer and browser. The User does not receive any further notification from the Service Provider once this has occurred. Cookies are not suitable for identifying the User, and they exist only for the duration of the session. The „Help” function in most browsers provides information on how to disable cookies, how to accept new cookies, or how to instruct your browser to set a new cookie or disable other cookies. Furthermore, Google provides the option for Users to disable cookies placed by Google on the following page (https://www.google.hu/privacy_ads.html). The cookies used on the Website do not harm the User’s computer or contain viruses. The Service Provider uses the following cookies based on their lifespan:

Session cookies: Session cookies are automatically deleted after the User’s visit. These cookies are used to enable the more efficient and secure operation of the Service Provider’s website, so they are essential for certain functions or applications of the Website to work properly.

Persistent cookies: The Service Provider also uses persistent cookies for a better user experience (e.g., providing optimized navigation). These cookies are stored in the browser’s cookie file for a longer period. The duration depends on the settings applied by the User in their internet browser. With the help of these cookies, the Service Provider collects data anonymously for marketing and optimization purposes. The purpose of this data from the Service Provider’s perspective is to identify the specific needs of individual customer groups and, thus, to send targeted advertisements to Users, so that the Service Provider can provide Users with relevant information more effectively. The Service Provider does not use the data to personally identify Users. Of course, Users can disable the use of their data in this way at any time by contacting the Service Provider through the contact information provided above. Cookies are not suitable for identifying the User.


During the browsing of the Website, technical information is recorded (e.g., in the form of log files, which include the User’s IP address, the time of visit, and the URL of the page visited). The system continuously logs this data but does not link it to the data provided during the use of the service. Only the Service Provider has access to this data, not the Users. The Service Provider uses the above information solely for the technical operation of the Website and for statistical purposes. To compile statistics on user habits, the Service Provider uses the Google Analytics program, which records the User’s IP address, the time of the visit, the title of the page viewed, and any other information recorded by Google Analytics. The Service Provider does not link the User’s IP addresses to any other data that could identify the User.


The data may primarily be accessed by the Service Provider and its employees, who do not disclose it and only use it for the purposes specified in this data processing statement. In the operation of the underlying IT system, the Service Provider may use a data processor (e.g., system operator).


External service providers collecting data on the website The external servers containing and referring to the websites operated by the Service Provider contain external servers. Such external servers help independently audit the website’s traffic and other web analytics data (Google Analytics). Service providers do not have access to personal data, and the Service Provider only provides access to aggregated data.

Their contact information: https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites


The Service Provider takes all necessary steps to ensure the security of personal data provided by Users on the Website during both network communication and data storage and retention. Access to personal data is strictly limited to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, or use of personal data. The Service Provider’s IT system and network are adequately protected against computer fraud, espionage, computer viruses, and computer intrusions. The Service Provider preserves during data processing: Confidentiality: It protects personal data so that only authorized persons can access it. Integrity: It protects the integrity of personal data and the accuracy of data processing methods.


The Service Provider will examine any objections within the shortest possible time, but no later than 15 days from the submission of the request, decide on their merits, and inform the applicant in writing of its decision. Users can exercise their rights through the following contact information:

Name: Beatrix Bozsik

Email: info@clouddesign.hu

Phone number: +36300972899


Users can address the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa Street 9-11; www.naih.hu) or seek legal recourse before a court based on the Info Act and the Civil Code (Act V of 2013) regarding the handling of their data.


The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Data Processing Information with prior notice to Users. Following the effective date of the modification, Users, by using the service, accept the amended provisions contained in the Data Processing Statement.

The effective date of this Data Processing Information is February 2024.